About Us

Down to Earth Professional Land Services, Inc. is a multi-dimensional consulting firm originating from the needs of the local populous of Central Maine. It became evident upon the adoption of comprehensive, and many times overlapping, Federal, State and local environmental land use laws, that the common land owner, contractor and developer required a liaison to understand the correct procedures for land development and be cognizant of the potential of real estate. Moreover, the public hungered for a consultant whom could be trusted to pursue an endeavor at a reasonable price, understanding the cost/feasibility aspect of a given project.

Down to Earth Professional Land Services, Inc. is rooted in hands-on land use consulting such as land surveying, soil tests and septic designs. It was common place to be discussing a project at a kitchen table with a client, assuring those involved that they were in good hands and never talking above them.

Over the years, Down to Earth Professional Land Services, Inc. has evolved into a firm specialized in commercial site design, subdivision, environmental permitting and storm water management. Down to Earth still maintains a pragmatic approach to projects of any size entrusted by its clientele to provide a quality service at a reasonable price.